Viktor Nikishov
Contemporary Artist
I explore the variability of perception. I am interested in how a person finds their own path and which events they give meaning to. What they consider coincidental and what they consider a pattern. In my works I reflect on how the conceptions of roles, preferences (advantages) and restrictions are changing. The way that reaction to events is changing, the way meaning to the events is conferred, the way that gender, social and political orientation is formed, also affects my interests.

Media: Photography, installation, mixed media.
Free Workshops 2021, Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Moscow Institute of Art and Industry
Graphic design, 2015
Soft culture, Photoplay, Photodepartament
Theatre and Arts College #60
Set decorator
Triptych "Berlin doors"
"Universal Territories"
"Surface like"
Group exhibition
2022 "Thirteen", ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia.
2022 "C-41 process" "Nazavod" Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2021 "Alterglobalism", Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2021 "023H", ZIL Center, Moscow, Russia.
2022 Art Residence for Artists at NPAK (May 24 – June 30) Yerevan, Armenia.
Currently I live and work in Yerevan, Armenia.
I was born in 1993 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Art and Industry at the Department of Graphic Design. Currently a student at the School
of Contemporary Art Free Workshops. For many years
I worked in Moscow as an advertising photographer,
I am the official photographer of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow.

I master new tools thanks to Soft-culture, Photoplay, Photodepartament.
"Vernacular I"
Lightbox, digital photo

In my work, I combine the practice of observing original constructions and experiences associated with them, including the context of the landscape in my own narrative. The depicted building, located on Lake Sevan in Armenia, apparently is a pier. The lake itself is a popular place for domestic tourism of the residents of Yerevan.
"Star I"
Lightbox, Mixed media.

The work is devoted to the feeling of anticipation
of the meeting, the experiences associated with the recognition of the Other, as well as the response
to this recognition. I have always been interested
in the question of whether acquaintance without intervention and contact without a response
is possible. How our idea of a stranger is woven into acquaintance and what we see when
we recognize ourselves in the Other
Triptych "Berlin doors"
20cm х 30cm
3 lightboxes

The artwork is devoted to the interaction between Berlin historical cultural heritage and contemporary underground culture.
It takes the problem of high and low art beyond
the formal dichotomy, creating the visibility
of symbiosis of forms of art.
The triptych has been featured in 023Ч exhibition
at ZIL Culture Center.

"Surface like"
60 cm x 60 cm
Mixed media

This project explores the possibilities
of photography in the field of pictorial solutions.
I address the two most important limitations inherent in photography and painting:
for photography, this is the limitation
of photographic space by the frame
and the isolation of objects within the frame,
and for painting, color as a self-sufficient artistic solution. In the works I have provided, I use photographic methods to isolate and cut surfaces, extracting them from the environment, after which
I consider the result as pictorial surfaces not directly related to the subjects of the shooting.
"Universal Territories"
115 cm x 115 cm
Digital printing, mixed media
Belyaevo Art Gallery

In this project, I consider global interaction
at several levels. The main part of this work
is anime culture outside of Japan.It is an example
of international horizontal interaction, which
is not initiated by global business: manga
and anime are translated and distributed
by enthusiasts.The project was presented
at the exhibition "Alterglobalism"
in the Belyaevo Gallery